Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After All That

I didn't get these glasses. Don't worry.

But it is my favourite picture out of those Steve took while I dragged him around the city to watch me try to foxify.

One of the places I went to was very very fancy. The staff was almost alarmingly attentive, and they had very very fancy frames and very very fancy prices. I said "I'm looking for something kind of quirky, but not too out there. I like your frames." And the very nice woman went a little bananas. Until she realized that her definition of quirky was way more out there than my definition of quirky. This is where most of the pictures were taken, but I didn't end up loving any of the glasses.

Though I am tempted to post a series of the photos side by side so you can see how freakishly long and thin my neck is. I mean, I knew that my neck is on the longer and thinner side of neck, but by jesus. Good thing my head is on the smaller side of head, otherwise I would have some sort of drooping disaster on my hands. Possibly in my hands.

After the fancy place, we went to the place that had my favourites. But when I pulled out the camera, the woman looked concerned.

"I'm sorry, you cannot take photos."
"Oh. Well, he can take them so that it's just me in the shot."
"No. We don't do that here."
"You don't let people take photos."
"That's a little strange."
"No, it is not. It is just the way it is here."

Steve interjected at this point.

"Well, it can still be strange, nevertheless."

That just confused her.

In the end, there was no glasses love. I did, however, keep putting this pair back on. There's something about them that I do kind of love. But they are heavily ironic, and as Steve pointed out, irony is very heavy.

Yesterday, Shelley took pity on me and a coffee break. We went over to Jack Winter on Elgin Street. I love it in there. It smells like the first place I got glasses. He has a small selection, but it's quality. In 15 minutes, I had two pairs picked out. I couldn't decide which, so I ended up taking both. For less than the cost of the heavy irony above, no less.

Charles Earl has offered to take photographic evidence of the progress of the foxification project. My glasses should be in tomorrow, and then a trip to the Village de Valeur on Saturday to see if I can thrift something hot. Sometime after that, I will put it all together, Charles will snap the shutter and you can judge for yourself if the Project was successful.


XUP said...

FYI, according to urban fashionistas, the cool, hip way to refer to Village de Valeur is: Boutique VV. I also learned that goodwill now sells their more desireable items online: http://www.shopgoodwill.com/ Happy foxifying.

Jo Stockton said...

I can totally hear Steve saying that. It is so clear in my head.

A. & J. said...

I like your glasses.

In the future, a place that I would strongly recommend for glasses is Laurier Optical on Somerset. If they have your prescription, they can do your glasses in 20min.

Plus they always have specials and the staff is nice.

shelleyt said...

i can't wait to see the glasses we picked on you! they were both so awesome (and foxy).

zoom said...

Ha! I'm glad you made it crystal clear up front that you didn't get that first pair. I'm looking forward to seeing the pair you did get, and the photos of the complete foxification project.