Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Times

This past weekend, venus envy turned 7, and we celebrated with a big ol' house party. The denizens of Queer Nation,* those brave souls, opened their house up to us, and there was much mirth. And drinking. And dancing. With very cute people in the room, and with one very cute girl in particular.

Lately, it seems like the parties I've been to have been full of dancing. I heartily approve of this. Who needs to go to a bar? You add a good mix of people with extensive playlists to a hardwood dining room floor and the answer is nobody. More rocking, less talking.

In keeping with my current Foxification goals, I got myself tarted up. I like to think I had an influence on Jennifer, who was, from initial reports, going to wear jeans and a tshirt, but instead showed up wearing a hot shirred dress and fancy legs. You can see the hotness and tartiness if you follow the link above.

It's crazy to me that venus envy ottawa is 7 years old. How did that happen? I moved here to run that store when it was just a baby. And now it's moved on and growed up to three times its baby size. It's a going concern, not a struggling one.

Though retail didn't end up being the right environment for this introvert, I loved working there. I met so many great people and felt like I was doing really good, really important work. And I got to meet Shelley, which to me is the best thing of all.

*Not to forget Christine and Adam, who don't, I think, have websites.


Ariel said...

Wow! I love that the photo of you two was taken in my living room. Yay! You two were indeed foxy.

BTW -- Jennifer, if you're reading this, someone swiped the fab CD you made, and I didn't get to properly copy it onto my computer. I would love a copy for future living room dance parties ...

And Megan, I concur. I feel the itch to go dancing every couple of months, and either we end up throwing a house party or someone else does, and I get to see everyone I would want to see all at once. Way better than a bar ...

Aggie said...

You know what, Megan, it just hit me that you waited on me when Venus Envy was just a baby in the Market location. You were very very helpful. The thing that I ended up buying ended up breaking, but it had a good run. Thanks!

kat said...

a great dance party full of foxiness. so glad i came!