Sunday, September 23, 2007

Iron With Dinner

For a smart person, I am very stupid about some things. Iron, for instance. I am prone to low iron stores. While this definitely goes on the list of Ridiculous Ailments, it still needs treating. The Goob put me on iron supplements. A few times. The same thing always happens.

I start taking my iron. With food, like dinner.

I feel better. More alert. Less groggy. It's like a revelation.

Feeling better starts to feel normal. I stop thinking about how tired I used to be.

I start forgetting to take pills.

I stop taking my iron. With anything.

For a while, normal is still pretty alert.

I start feeling a little tired every so often. Probably not enough sleep.

I feel kind of weirdly tired every so often. It's not a didn't-get-enough-sleep tired, or a pushed-myself-too-hard-in-yoga tired. It's a tired I feel in my bones. Like a dense liquid is seeping out of them.

I feel weirdly tired sometimes.

I feel weirdly tired whenever I am not ignoring how tired I am.

I complain about being tired to one of my friends. They say are you taking your iron? And I say, no, I am not taking my iron.


Today, there was going to be grocery shopping and yoga. But I started bleeding this morning, and I am crampy and hot flashy. I am bone tired, though I slept for at least 9 hours last night. The grocery shopping happened, but it's like it happened to someone else, to an old lady who had to stop moving every 5 minutes so she could catch her breath and fan herself. I decided that yoga was not going to happen.

Instead, I'm about to crawl into bed with my laptop, watch an episode or two of Freaks and Geeks, and possibly nap, or possibly just stare and the ceiling and moan.

After, that is, I take my iron.



Menopause is your only hope. After that our iron miraculously builds up to such a degree that we are in danger of having too much iron, which can lead to organ failure and heart attacks. So many little joys around every corner.

Pearl said...

You know that really high percentage cocoa is a source of iron, doncha?

Asteroidea Press said...

Well, Pearl, bless your heart. I'd forgotten that joyous fact.

God, I dread menopause. I've been having hot flashes since I was 16 or 17, so I can only imagine what menopause is going to be like.