Sunday, September 23, 2007

We're Both Home

And both about to bike off again soon. To Andrea's CD release party, in this instance.

It was a fabulously well-organized event, which I always appreciate very much. And man oh man, does Andrea have a beautiful voice. And well-written lyrics. Those are two other things that I appreciate very much.

I agree entirely with Jennifer's prediction that we will be able to say I knew her when. Besides the good musicianship, Andrea knows how to work a crowd, and I mean that in a very nice way. I've been in front of a crowd often enough to know how hard won that apparent ease is.

The funniest part of the evening for me was a conversation I had with J. The singer of the first band* was introducing the other members of his band, one of whom had just come up on stage.

"And if you're wondering who just came up on stage, his name is David Ger[????]."

I did a double take and leaned over to whisper in Jennifer's ear. "Did you hear what that guy's last name was?"

She shrugged.

"'Cause it sounded like 'Gerbilly.'"

She threw her head back and laughed, and then rocked forward again when the mouthful of beer she'd just taken threatened to choke her.

"And on the drums, David's brother..."

We leaned forward expectantly.

"...Paul Ross."

"What?!" Jennifer said, "They don't even have the same last name!"

If my last name were Gerbilly, I might change it too.

*Okay, singer of first band, some hard love. Back off the mic. Just an inch. When you make love to the mic with your lips, your quite nice voice distorts and isn't quite so nice as when you are teasing the microphone by being two fingers away from it.


Jo Stockton said...

I loooove that photo. Can you send it to me super-gigantic so I can get a print made?


Andrea SK said...

Hahahaha... I obviously need to ask Paul what his brother's last name is. It was great to see you there that night.

And I'm with you on the iron thing... I've only recently gotten mine under control after I got in the habit of snacking on almonds and broccoli.


Andrea SK said...

Apparently it's Gervais. I prefer Gerbilly.

Evey said...

This photo helps a lot with the image in my head of Jen and Megan, the blogger ladies next door (to one another). The symmetry is the best part.

Asteroidea Press said...

Isn't that a lovely photo? So green and red.

You know, I would say too bad about it being Gervais too, except that Gerbilly only has Gervais beat in the silly department.

shelleyt said...

i love your front stoop. i have very good memories of it and it always makes me happy walking up those steep steps. although, the first time i visited i tripped up the middle step and went flying onto my hands. other than that, it's been lovely.