Saturday, September 22, 2007

How'd That Happen?

Somewhere along the way, I turned into someone who would rather plant her aquarium than go to a hip hop show. This didn't really occur to me until about 11:30, when my watersprite was frustrating me by appearing to be planted and then floating up to the surface as soon as I took my hand off them.

I could be surrounded by cute girls and listening to hip hop, I thought, But instead I am not planting my watersprite.

Meh, I thought, took another swig of my red cap and stuck my hand back into the tank. Already I am listening to hip hop anyway. Though I am fond of looking at cute girls.

Luckily, I will be giving a workshop at Ladyfest today, and Ladyfest will be rife with the same cute girls who would have been there last night.

After the workshop, I am going to hit the dreaded Craft Sale. People love this craft sale and that is my problem. But I am a bad daughter and a bad aunt, and I owe presents. Hopefully nice hand-crafted presents will make up for the fact that they're a month late.

Lucky for me, you can't fire your family.


zoom said...

Your last few posts have resulted in me missing my aquarium. I sold my tank and fish and all my equipment a few years ago because I couldn't face the prospect of moving it to a new apartment. But suddenly I miss it terribly. Maybe I should start over?

suge said...

how was the sale? did you make it through panic-free? more imporatntly, did you find cute shit?

Asteroidea Press said...

it was not nearly as bad. maybe the key is to go later? maybe the key is to skip the christmas one?

anyroad. i found an adorable bag for my niece immy and a nice felted vase for my mom.

and i almost bought a skirt with swordfish on it, and then went to grace's and she had bought one!

now i just gotta mail em.

Asteroidea Press said...

zoom, i think you should start over. i am really loving it, and all i have is plants and snails.