Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lively Up Yourself

Is it too lovey-dovey over here on Asteroidea? David Scrimshaw hinted as much, saying a good fight between me and Eric might liven things up.

So I thought it would be really funny to write a fake fight between Eric and I, but I just couldn't do it. I wrote about three sentences and then my chest started getting tight and achey. So I stopped. Why invite trouble?

Steve is coming to pick me up in 2 hours. No running yesterday or today. But my bathroom is clean. I'm nearly packed. I've got copies of my itinerary and passport in safe places.

What am I looking forward to in NYC?
- Shelley
- good cafe reads
- walk in Central Park
- Lower East Side Tenement Museum
- thrifting
- Henrietta Hudsons
- buying clothes that fit
- the Gossip at the Knitting Factory

I'll try and fit in a blog or two while I'm gone.

If not, ducks, have a good weekend.

1 comment:

David Scrimshaw said...

Perhaps I should have been more honest and admitted that I like the lovey-dovey stuff and actually don't so much like reading about good people having fights with each other.