Tuesday, April 17, 2007


At some point since my last trip to New York City in November 2005, I went from being a person who blogs to a blogger.* Last time we went to NYC, I was blogging, but I don't remember walking around saying "Oh, do you remember what he said, I want to blog that." or "Oh, gotta stop, blog photo." And this trip, I seemed to spend a lot of time pulling out my book and scribbling notes to myself. Quotes, things I saw, random words that would jog my memory about some funny conversation.

It was a great trip. New York is a fucking great city, and I would love to spend, say, a year just wandering around. Does anyone want to pay me to live in New York and blog about how great it is?

Damn, thought so.

Instead of taking you on a moment by moment journey, I'll group stuff into a few different categories. Since I seem incapable of creating succinct entries, I expect you'll be hearing about this for the next few days.

*Remains to be seen if this territory is as treacherous as "band boy."

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