Monday, December 18, 2006

Mr. Wolf

Watch batteries are a pain in the ass. I have a terrible habit of seeing a cheap watch that I like, wearing it till the batteries run down- which happens fairly quickly if you buy cheap watches- and then going for a few years without a watch.

I'm watchless these days. I know the city by where I can tell the time. Centretown is a marvel for that. Many stores have clocks, and better yet, many stores have clocks that you can check through the window.

My current watches:
- Peace Tower, obviously
- Second Cup (Somerset/Bank)
- Fades (Barbershop, Bay/Somerset)
- chinese herbal store (Somerset/Percy)
- barber shop (Beside chinese herbal store. The clocks are different, so I take the one I like best)
- Joseph Tailor's(Beside the barber shop. It's stuck at abou 2.40 right now.)
- barber shop (Preston/Somerset)
- Bridgehead (Bank/Gilmour)

Those are just ones I check often enough to run off the top of my head. You can see how many square blocks "the city" comprises for me, hey?

It's not quite as convenient as having the time on your wrist, but at least when the batteries run out it's somebody else's problem.

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grace said...

Isn't that funny? The girls and I were out for a toodle last night with a view to picking Greg up from work at 5. So I looked in the windows all down Somerset and marvelled at the time zones we seemed to be moving through. It's quarter to five! It's five to five (10 seconds later)! It's ten to five! And so on.