Sunday, December 17, 2006

Make It

I have been in a pretty foul mood this week. Hence the silence here. I was too busy to blog, and then all I really had to blog was blah blah complainy blah blah.

Though I have also had very good moments. And that is what I will tell you about now.

Good Moment #1:
Shelley and I went out for our Christmas present last night. First we had a glass of wine and got tipsy at the 4th Ave Wine Bar, then we went to the Urban Pear and had a Kir Royale and got more tipsy, and then had a glass of wine with our very delicious dinner and got pretty drunk. I had catfish, but that was not really the best part of the meal. Shelley was. I've known her for 6 years now and I am still constantly learning from her. Learning how to be a good friend, a good person, a charming hostess, how to treat people right and be fun and funny and thoughtful, both towards people and about the world. She manages to have fully formed opinions about things without being dogmatic. She is emotionally honest with herself and other people in a way I try to emulate. I do try not to think about her moving away in July, because what am I going to do without her?*, but we got teary over our last glass of wine anyway.

Good Moment #2:
Shelley and Steve and the Great Dater came over for dinner on Friday night. I got fancied up in a christmas apron and high heels. And some other tight bits of clothing. It's always nice to wear sexy clothes for an appreciative audience. We drank lots of wine, had wandering interesting conversations and then the S's went home and the GD passed out on my bed till I woke him up. Here's a hint: if you're going to chop thai chilis for a stirfry and then have your hands on someone's sensitive bits, you should probably wear gloves for at least one of those activities.

Good Moment #3:
Visit with the Grs on Saturday afternoon. And Fifi and Roo and Grandma Susan. Man oh man, those babies are fucking killer cute. There is nothing like walking into a room and having an adorable baby look at you like they're drinking in sunlight. It's amazing to watch one human being openly imprinting another human being into their brain cells. I think that imprinting happens with grown ups, too, but we're far too cagey about feelings to show it. Too much heartache. Well-loved babies - and Fifi and the Roo are well-loved babies - remind you it doesn't have to be like that. And it is always so nice to hang out with Grace and Greg, and Susan too. They make me laugh really hard, generally right when I need it. They always want to hear my gossip, too.

Good Moment #4:
Bass and guitar practice with Jennifer. We talked about sex and played our instruments. Not simultaneously. Wait a sec. We did play our instruments simultaneously, but we traded off singing lead instead of talking about sex while we were both playing. At the same time. I'm sure that makes a certain kind of sense. We're getting to know each other's playing styles and went through a couple different songs. Decided against "A New England" because, as J. pointed out, it's better to be good at stuff that's easy than just turn up your amp.

Good Moment #5:
Chris and I had a good palaver to catch up on what's been going on with us over the past few weeks. Her love life has taken quite an interesting turn, and I'm really excited for her. She is so funny. And nice and supportive and loving and lovely. Our conversation was like getting a massage, relaxing me right back into myself.

See, I needed to be making this kind of list all along, instead of just crabbing at people (sorry about our walk to the Bytowne, GD!). My week really hasn't been very bad at all.

*Visit Halifax a whole hell of a lot more than I do now.

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susie said...

I don't EVER type this, but now I just gotta in regards to chilli hands -- lol, Megan, lol.

Thanks for reminding me to look at my own good moments in an otherwise hum-bug season. Very Tiny Tim of you.