Thursday, December 21, 2006

Right. That's Why.

So I've been having a bit of a bad run at work this past week. We've been having ongoing speed issues with our computer and everyone is frustrated by it. My boss, the cataloguers who spend all day battling the system, me. There is nothing more frustrating than looking out into the cataloguing room and seeing a bunch of people - people who could do good work quickly if our technology were up to snuff - frustrated and then bored and then frustrated and then excited when the system does work and then even more frustrated when it stops.

So kvetch kvetch. These problems have been going on for ages, but for some reason this week I just nearly lost my fucking mind with it. I was trying to tamp it down, but I could tell people were being careful around me. I hate it when I'm that obviously stressed. I kept trying to do three part breath, but instead I just ate more sugar or had more coffee. Edgy, edgier, edgiest.

But today was our staff Christmas party. We played Scattergories in teams and ate a lot of really good food and laughed and laughed. I work with warm, funny, bright people who like to tell good stories and make merry.

Out of 5 scattergories teams, 3 picked the word "shit" for our four-letter word starting with "s".

My boss is great too. He's been completely stressed out lately, and I don't think he's going to get a break any time soon. But this afternoon, he hauled out a bag of chocolate bars and said, "These chocolate bars are like our team. Some are sweet, some are peppery, some a little bitter- "

"Hey!" I poked the co-worker next to me in the ribs. "He looked at me when he said that, didn't he? Bitter? Bitter!"

"- and all in all, a well-chosen and interesting mix. I am honoured to work with all of you." It was lovely.

And Sarah's house? I am so in love with Sarah's house. Retro wallpaper, sectional couch and green rotary telephone, the same dishes my Granny and Poppa used to have - all thrifted. I nearly drooled all over everything.

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