Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It's been a very social week.

Shelley and I did the Strap-On Sex workshop on Monday night, which was lots of fun, though I feel totally out of practice on some of that stuff. I have not talked harnesses with people for a long long time. The past five years has seen an explosion in the number of products available. Still, it was a fun and responsive crowd.

Last night, as I mentioned, was the movie, but I did not mention that the concession stand that Shelley and I ran during the movie was for the Venus Envy Bursary Fund, which is a very good cause and you should considering donating us money to give to someone else. Or coming to one of our fabulous events, which amounts to the same thing.

Tonight we had an actual bursary fund meeting, which is always tons of fun because it's me and Shelley and the lovely Simmi, and we always have a great time gabbing and getting things done. Simmi liked my cookies too, and that is high praise indeed, since she is one of the best bakers around.

Tomorrow night I'm going to buy a bass! I'm a little intimidated, since I know most of the people who work at Songbird, and that's where I want to go, but I've also been going to see them all play in bands for years now. I don't want it to be cute that I'm buying an instrument. I don't want it to be anything. So it's going to take a certain amount of "Suck it up, princess," and a pre-emptive* "Fuck them anyway."

Which is pretty much how I survived high school.

*And in this case, highly unnecessary, since I'm sure they'll be really nice and helpful. They're all nice people who work there. I just hate feeling ignorant in front of people I don't want knowing about my ignorance.

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