Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One Thing I Do Well

One thing I do very well is make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I'm a decent baker all in all; it will surprise none of you that I enjoy following a recipe. I am a precise measurer, spooning flour into the 1 cup measure and levelling it with the back of a knife. Getting a completely even and smooth cup of flour is gratifying. My particular favourite thing about baking is measuring butter using Archimedes' principle. Science is delicious.

I make a mean cake, and am a fair hand at bread, but the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance.

Shelley and I put these cookies to good use at our concession stand during the latest installment of Divergence Movie Nights. The movie was "Changing Our Minds," a biopic about Evelyn Hooker, one of the first psychologists to tackle homosexuality using subjects who weren't already looking for help with their "ailment." Her work was instrumental in getting homosexuality out of the DSM. She was also smart and funny and kind and warm. I had never heard of her and I'm glad I have now.


To all of you who have dropped me a line about the latest tattooing, thank you for your concern! It's healing pretty well, though definitely still on the ouchie side. It is fucking gorgeous, however, the bit that's done. I go into the bathroom at work and yank my shirt up just to see it. Almost got caught today, so I'll have to watch that behaviour.


Anonymous said...

you should be proud of it, not shy...why do it if it's embarrassing to you?

Asteroidea Press said...

umm, do you mean shy about my tattoo? that i should actually show it?

believe me, i have been to many many people. but it sorta feels like there's a time and a place and that maybe the bathroom at work is neither of those things.

rest assured, i love my tattoos. if you see me on the street and it's not too cold, i'm likely to oblige if you ask to see them.