Sunday, September 17, 2006

Top Secret Project

Butch It Up productions went into overdrive Friday night and Saturday, knitting up a storm in order to finish Ruby and Fiona's 6 month birthday presents. They were supposed to be "Happy Being Born" presents, but obviously, I need a harder deadline than my friend delivering her babies.

And so this is why I haven't been blogging.

When I mentioned to David that I was knitting robots, he mentioned that he'd just finished a book called How to Survive a Robot Uprising. I requested it from the library, and it's come in, so I'll get to read it on my holidays.

But I do believe the ability to knit a robot is a good start. If all else fails, I can offer to knit robot cozies to keep them warm while they revolt.


zoom! said...

Excellent baby gifts, and by the way I love the babies' names, Ruby and Fiona. Six-month presents are much better than getting-born presents. I used to give my kid a present every year halfway between birthdays...I called it his Halfy Birthday present. I'd bake half a cake too.

Did you create the robot pattern?

Asteroidea Press said...

Their full names are Ruby Amelia and Fiona Beatrice. In the ultrasounds, Ruby was Twin A and Fifi was Twin B. It makes me happy to think of that.

I wish that I had made up the pattern for those robots, but I could barely knit them.

Here's who made up the pattern:
I've got her book, which has many other toys just as cute as the robots.

susie said...

awesome bots! You have raised the bar higer than I could have imagined for kick-ass baby gifts. I think I'm going to have to buy them ponies now for my "pleased to meet ya" presents.


David said...

Very wise of you to demonstrate an affection for robots.

When the robots take over, our choices will be:
1) live a hunted, feral existence;
2) become the pet of a robot; or
3) die.

Option 2 is the one I'm aiming for.