Monday, September 18, 2006

Busy Week

A whirlwind. Great date on Saturday night. This makes many great dates with one person, which is rather a shock to my system. It's actually freaking me out a little.

He is lovely and he is lovely, and only improves with knowing. The longer I know him, the politer he gets. Offering to help me bring my laundry in goes pretty damn far with me these days. And a date who knows how to put their hands in the right places has always gone pretty damn far with me.

Saw Asobi Seksu last night, but couldn't manage to stay past a few songs. How is it that a show listed as "an early show" still starts at 10:30? Jeezus. I was home by 11, exhausted. But Jennifer and I had a nice chat/gripe.

Thursday is trip day. I have another date on Wednesday night. Since he doesn't work on Thursday and I lack any kind of self-discipline, it's likely I'll be sleepwalking through work till I grab a 4.30 bus to the airport.

And then I get to see my friend Chris! Who I haven't seen in a year! And who seems really normal until you get to know her, and then you realize that she is the greatest oddest person you have ever met. Her brain works in a way that is very different from the brains of almost everyone else I have met. I like how she filters the world. She is strong in her beliefs and knows how to call bullshit bullshit. She is wicked stylish. And funny? My god. I can't wait to see her.

Tonight I was supposed to come home from yoga and vacuum, so that the lovely Simmi who is housesitting for me won't have to live in a pigpen whirlwind of cat hair.

But am I vacuuming? No I am not.
Am I blogging? Yes it seems so.

Poor Simmi.

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