Thursday, September 14, 2006


If ever a band needed a crowd dancing in bubbles, it is the Hidden Cameras. During the encore, one of the musicians yelled out “I hear you have bubbles!” and down they came. I put my hands up and batted them around, feeling sweet little pops all over my forearms. I shook my head and my hips, closed my eyes and settled down into the fun, happily anticipating the occasional brush of my companion’s arm against my hip.

I’d forgotten that Barrymore’s had a bubble machine, though I did hear tell of it being incongruously employed during a 50 Men show. Nothing says dark country twang like floaty soap.

Hidden Cameras are a very fun band. Right near the top of my list, I think, in terms of live energy. I only recognized three songs, and still was right into the show from start to finish.

On my way out at the end of the night, the very kind James grabbed my arm and told me he was glad I was blogging again. I am too, James, I am too.

In other news, my article in the Xpress came out today, so you should all rush out and get your copy. It reads a lot like a blog entry, except, you know, I checked a few facts instead of guessing at shit.

Also, things are going to be a little quiet the next few days. I am working diligently on a Top Secret Project, to be unveiled soon.


David said...

Hey, I like your Xpress article.

I've never understood why so many people don't like the Booth Loeb. It's not dirty, it's old. And the food is clean as well as less expensive than in the other centretown grocery stores.

But I love the name Skid Loeb and plan to use it from now on.

Asteroidea Press said...

I think that people are saying "dirty" but meaning "dingy". And it certainly is dingy.

The food is clean, but the produce kind of sucks. Trying to find a head of lettuce there can be, well, trying.

But I do enjoy its neighbourhood charm.

zoom! said...

The produce sucks, the meat is questionable and the bread is old.