Saturday, September 09, 2006

One More Day

Tomorrow is my last day of holidays. Until my holidays at the end of the month, sure, but my last day of the holidays that were supposed to be about me just relaxing and writing. Judging from the past week, I am much better at having lunch with friends than I am at relaxing and getting down to work.

I am also much more proficient at going to yoga.

And drinking beer. I was particulatly good at this last night, where I quaffed a great deal of the stuff at the Million Dollar Marxists/Fucking Machines/Double Pumpers show and danced my ass off during the last set.

Before going to the show and having a very good time, I ate a delicious dinner with Shelley, one of my favourite people. After dinner she vetted my outfit, recommended my black jacket with the plaid lining, and we cruised off to the Aloha to meet some of my other favourite people.

Also ran into a cute boy I know, who pulled out his mad flirting skills for me. Swear to god, he should give lessons. Never seen anything like it.

    How to Make a Girl Feel Like One Hundred Dollars in 4 Easy Steps
    1) As soon as a girl you think is pretty shows up, stop talking to the barfly beside you. Focus all of your attention on the girl.
    2) Notice that she got a haircut. Remember the old haircut well enough to know how this haircut is different from the last haircut.
    3) Without leering, tell her she looks really good. Make admiring noises over the red pinstripes on her skirt.
    4) Give her a big hug goodbye. When you separate, let your hand linger on her waist for just a fraction of a second. Long enough to let her know you like it there, short enough to not be a creep.*
    *Advanced level only.

I'd buy that book. I am not nearly so good at flirting as that.

Apparently, however, once past that stage, I am pretty damn good at spending hours making out on my couch. Luckily, I know another very cute boy who shares this same skill set.

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oh girl, go for it!!!!