Friday, September 08, 2006

Success in Failure

So far, today has been a great day. Jennifer picked me up at 10 am, and we moved three carloads of her stuff - pretty much all the boxes going to her new house. Done before noon, then off to a great lunch at New Mee Fung.

After that, we took off to the suburbs to chase down some punky clothes. Anyone who has read her book Grrrl, or knew me as a teenager, can appreciate the irony of us going to the suburbs to look for clothes.

Before this though, we had two of the nerdiest conversations I think either of us has ever had. The second one ended with me saying "Oh, of course, I LOVE parsnips."

Part of the reason that I wanted to shop with Jen is that people mistake us for each other pretty regularly. People who know us well. And people who don't know us well, like the woman in charge of the changerooms at the gap.

We don't really look alike, but we have a similar build, similar colouring, and a similar look. And we like the same clothes. One of the first times we hung out, I picked her up at her house to go see Veda Hille. She opened the door. Wearing a band t-shirt and turned up jeans. She looked at my band t-shirt, turned up jeans, hi-tops and said "Hmm, I guess I won't wear my Converse then."

I figured one way to circumnavigate this was for us to shop together; besides it being just a fun visit, we could make sure that we bought different clothes. We failed miserably at that, but very succesfully found clothes that look good on us. I bought a skirt that she already had at home. We bought the same black cardigan. Then she came out of the changeroom looking super hot in a pair of skinny pants and I immediately flagged down the sales person: "Those. In blue, please."

Can't look too much the same, yknow.

So if you see one fabulously cute girl at Babylon tonight, but can't figure out how she manages to be in two places at once and change her clothes all the time, you'll know you've found us.

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