Sunday, September 10, 2006

Spread it Around

I am so happy right now. I really don't feel like my life could be better, and so I want to write it all down.

What a great day.

It started with the end of a date. I wish every day started with 5 hours in bed with a cute boy, rolling around and having great conversations. It was decadent and luxurious. He puts me back in my skin.

Then my Shelley picked me up and we went for a gorgeous bike ride, along the river on the Qu├ębec side, which is far more bucolic than the Ontario side. We had a mediocre dinner made great by eating on a patio and drinking a Guinness; then a bike ride over to the patisserie on Preston for a coffee that knocked my socks off and very delicious gelato.

I came home chilled from sitting on the patio in the crisp air, so I drew a bath and soaked. And pretended to think about the article I was supposed to be writing for the Xpress while I was really thinking about the cute boy.

Then I actually got down to business and started writing the article for Xpress, which is about how much I love my neigbourhood. While I was running up huge lists of how much I love it here, the tiny details that always amuse me*, the ease and comfort of my streets, I had a visit from Greg and an email from Jennifer.

So many good things in one day! How is it I can stand all this without just exploding from the perfection of it?

*Something I couldn't fit into the article:
Go to the corner of Rochester and Somerset. Stand on the south side facing north. Look at the left corner. It's a laundromat. Look at the right corner. It's a grocery store. Named "Wah Shing". That fucking kills me.

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zoom! said...

Hey, I blogged that Wah Shing store too, cause it cracks me up too.