Saturday, June 10, 2006

Off My Game

One mood bellwether is my ability to make decisions. It has gone out the fucking window, I can tell you. I just finished packing for Balitmore, and I have a full suitcase, because I just can't decide what I might possibly want to wear for three days. So many damn variables. Casual vs. professional. Hot outside vs. airconditioned inside. Will I feel like wearing green, black or purple? Skirt or pants? Thank god all my underwear is basically the same style.

And today, I thought maybe new sheets would be nice. But what if I bought solids and wanted stripes? What if that green was just to grey to match my room? What if I'm already sick of dark blue and I just don't realize it?

It's exhausting, I can tell you, the attempt to make decisions like this, when you know the outcome isn't really very important, but you stop deliberating anyway.

Is the square pail better for cat food, or the round one? I spent 15 minutes on this in the Hartman's today. The round pail now sits at the bottom of my basement stairs.

In other bellwethers: eating still good, still laughing. Aha. Ha.

Until Baltimore, my sweets. If I can't pull a blog entry out of a room full of librarians, I need to hang up my keyboard.

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