Monday, June 12, 2006

Look at me, travelling.

I would be doing better right now if I weren't such a fucking princess. I wouldn't have dumped my hotel room free coffee down the drain to stand in a Starbucks line for 15 minutes. I would have eaten much earlier last night, because I would have just walked through the wall of smoke to get to the "non-smoking" section of the three restaurants I poked my head into. I would have slept well, even if it were a strange bed with a fan I couldn't turn off.

Crab aside, Baltimore is actually a pretty city. The downtown part of it that I've seen anyway. I walked for a half hour or so up Charles St, also known as Historic Charles St, and took a ridiculous number of pictures of well, historic buildings. It was empty though, like downtown Ottawa on a Sunday night. Found a health food store to hit later today.

Last night I was very grown up, and instead of going out to a bar to drink beer and listen to music, I stayed in, knit my robot, watched TV, didn't work on one of the three book reviews I have due and watched TV. It was pretty relaxing, and I'm happy I stayed in. Unless Private Eleanor becomes the next big thing and I'm kicking my ass in two years.

Tonight is the gay and lesbian caucus business meeting and dinner. I'm going to find me some more queers and maybe make a friend.

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