Friday, June 09, 2006

The Crab Continues

What is it about this week? Not enough sleep? Not enough time in between “vacations”? It seems to have been one frustration after another. Though I’m not sure the outside world is frustrating as much as my patience is running a little thin.

For example.

On my way to work this morning, I was laden – an extra pair of pants to wear after my presentation to the board about our website, yoga mat, yoga clothes, tools so my co-worker could help me put my bike rack on. My knapsack strapped one way across my back, the yoga mat strapped the other way, my clothes slung over my right shoulder and pushing my bike. The damn strap of my clothes bag kept slipping down, till at one point, waiting for the light at Gloucester and Bank, I said, out loud: I have fucking had enough. And the man standing slightly behind me took a giant step away from the crazy lady.

And to the person smacking their gum behind me on the way back from getting typewriter ribbons (and that’s another story)? Chew with your fucking mouth shut already.

And if one more person had poked their head in my office to tell me that the site was slow, I was going to lose my shit.

I do feel slightly better now. Off to yoga.

*Why do I always feel dirty when I say bike rack? As in, Mmm-mm, take a look at that bike rack. Lar lar.

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