Friday, March 10, 2006

Found a Dream

I’ve gotten into the terrible habit of not being able to wake up until an hour after my alarm goes off. This means setting the alarm for a ridiculously early hour – 5:30 this morning to haul my ass out of bed at the still ridiculously early hour of 6:30. It also means that I have vivid and weird dreams for my last, broken, hour of sleep.

Often these dreams involve my shower. Not me showering, but the actual placement of the spout. In the first shower dream, the shower head protruded from my closet wall. And the closet, when I think about it, is about the same size as my bathtub. Obviously my lizard brain had made that spatial connection without passing it along to my human brain. The dream was mostly focussed on how I might be able reorganize my closet so that my clothes didn’t get wet while I washed myself.

This morning I dreamt of my ex. We were living together again. It wasn’t a reliving dream; it was a new place, separate bedrooms. Definitely a couple again, though. I was sitting on the countertop in the kitchen and said, "So, the drinking." His response was sheepish: "Well, I went for a beer last night." And in a dream instant I look down and one of his hands has been filled with a tequila bottle, the other with a glass of orange juice. I'm resigned: "I guess I should have asked you before this." Locking the barn door, my girl.

The only other clear moment was apologizing to him: "Sorry I’m so sad, I just keep missing Mike." And then his face, perfectly his face, perfectly distorted.

It’s been a melancholy day.

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