Thursday, January 26, 2006

That Buzzing in my Ear

It's possible I'm going crazy.

I listen to KEXP's morning show pretty faithfully. A few months ago, my earphones snapped and I bought a new pair for $2.99 at the closest Shoppers. They work like $3 earphones and not long after I got them, this sound started up. Every once in a while, they just sort of bzz bz bzz bz bz. Until Monday, I just thought well, you get what you pay for.

But during the election coverage, my TV made the same sound. I was doing my records management reading at the same time, and at the first bzz, my head snapped up. Unsurprisingly, the TV didn't look any different. But the noise kept up for its regular amount of time.

Will I start hearing it like morse code? Will it soon evolve into words? Does it mean the same thing as when I walk under a street lamp and the light pops out? Is it even really happening at all?

This has thoroughly creeped me out.

In happier news, I'm getting a new desk tonight, courtesty of the Grs. We call it the golden desk of wonder. Bet I start writing more soon.

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