Sunday, January 29, 2006

Up and Down Weekend

Fri night was a very very very fun night. Jess, Pam, Jen and I played 90s trivial pursuit after eating a lot of tasty food. They drank lots of red wine, I drank lots of beer. Jen summed it up perfectly.

Last night, I went over to Steve's and we ate delicious food, I took a spin through the brand-spankin' new and unreleased venus envy website. Then we went to a disappointing show by a band called StinkMitt. Jenny Craig and Betty Ford sure can rock the mic, and their outfits were quite something, but definitely a novelty act. After a couple of songs, the schtick wore thin until they got to their crime scene song, which is the best fuck-me-while-i'm-on-the-rag song since the Yeastie Girls You Suck. Though technically, You Suck is just about giving girls head in general.

Today was all about too much shrimp, fucking, vietnamese coffee and hint of lime Doritos.

Right now I'm learning Spanish by watching Grey's Anatomy. Obviously it's not me going crazy, but my television. It's decided to turn on the Spanish subtitles. But just for Grey's Anatomy, so as soon as I stop writing and turn around, I will learn the Spanish word for necrotizing fasciitis. Useful.

Hasta luego.

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