Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wise Words

Before he had either, David Scrimshaw once said that his policy was to never blog anything that might hurt his chances at getting either a job or a date.

Here's an apt equation for you: dating + blogging = funny tricky thing.

Especially the kind of blogging I do, which leans more towards let-it-all-hang-out than circumspection. Not everyone likes that so much.

So I'm not going to dish the details I might have on the music-date with the Smokin Hot Girl or the date-date with the other Smokin Hot Girl, except to say I am lucky. And then mum's the word on dating till further notice.


Milan said...

That sounds promising. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Some things should be left private. I can't believe I am arguing against you writing about a possible girl-on-girl encounter but it's the truth...

Now of course if you want to generalize anything and add it to your smut blog, well there's no harm in that!

Asteroidea Press said...

Milan: It feels a bit like I'm taking credit if I say thank you, and it's an odd thing to take credit for. But the sentiment is much appreciated.

Anon: Oooh, I didn't even mean *details*. Gah, no, I'd never divulge personal sex details. Well, someone else's, anyway.

I was thinking back to just over a year ago, and then the summer before that, when I was dating and talking about where we went and what we did and mentioning kissing and maybe some general details about the person in question. But not the torrid details of anyone-on-anyone action, no.