Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today: Pro and Con


  • insomnia

  • tired

  • cavity

  • forgetting to bring my yoga pants to yoga

  • leaving the yoga studio unyogaed

  • headache


  • taking a half-day sick to come home and nap

  • discovering that someone divine has invented a way of treating cavities without freezing*

  • having the dentist and assistant talk about me as if I were a good student - "Well, she's been doing her homework. Ha ha ha." - including indulgent and approving smiles.

  • delicious dinner with Shelley

  • finalized plans for coffee with a smokin' hot girl

*Bless their hearts. I hate it enough that I have had small cavities filled with a drill but without freezing and I consider that the pain was better than a needle in my mouth.

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