Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Compliment, Like Ever

So she says to me, right, that cute young thing behind the counter, like 23, right, with some kind of double piercing I never seen before and have no clue for what to name name it, right there, under her left eye - dot, dot - she says to me

"Hey I really like your septum. I've never seen a septum look classy before."

And me, I'm all flustered, yknow, because she's, what, 10 years younger than me, young enough to be pulling off a necker, and that's a piece of clothing I can't really explain, but you would know it if you saw a cute young dyke, not to mention a growed out fauxhawk, ditto, and she's flirting with me, me who just got called - that old - and me, me who never gets clocked for dyke. So I says,

"Well, my septum has never been called classy before."

And I just smiles me a smile.


La Canadienne said...

We all secretly wish we could pull off the septum piercing the way you can. Except I wish it less secretly.

Foxification = clear success!

shelleyt said...

i love the necker!
10 years is nothing..that girl obviously has the good sense to know hot when she sees it