Friday, February 15, 2008

Ah, The Love

I realized, half-way through yesterday afternoon, that the last time I was single on valentines was in the year 2000. Not that I was coupled for 7 years running. Just in 7 consecutive Februaries.

For all those years, if there was VD acknowledgment, it was very low key. A-okay by me, since many of those years were my venus envy years. My guess is that people in flower stores don't much celebrate valentines either.

Now, say what you will about valentines being manufactured bullshit. Yes. And after agreeing with you, I will counter by re-quoting the immortal Rita Celli, and say that valentines takes as much effort to ignore as to acknowledge. And though my heart is mending, stitch by hard-fucking-won stitch, I think that last night without friends would have been a bit hard to take.

It was much fun. I was a little worried about getting seats. But the lovely Manx staff, who I cannot praise highly enough, worked it all out so that we got seated, and all together.

Andrea, her BH and Heather were there. Evey came. Milan too. Michael entertained us thoroughly for quite a while. Caitlyn and Ariel dropped by before taking off to romance each other in less crowded pastures. Jennifer and the MoS dropped in later for a quick drink before heading off for their A'romatic dinner.

The conversations were quirky, woven in and over each other, and flowed easy.

I think my favourite part was when Michael started to play devil's advocate.

"Okay, why blog? So you put whatever you want up there, but really, who cares?"

I think he really wanted to know. We all hemmed and hawed, came up with a few different answers. And then I said,

"Well, you start posting and you think that no one will. But then it's weeks, or months, or years later, and you find out people just do."

And they really do. Makes me feel like a pretty lucky girl.


Milan said...

Something seems to be amiss with the 'Evey' link above.

Asteroidea Press said...

Ah, thank you, fixed.