Sunday, December 02, 2007

Uses for Binder Clips: Wine

After a very nice time in Montreal, with lots of satisfying chats with Shelley, good frip shopping, a great visit with Amy and lots of drinking and dancing till the wee hours at Meow Mix, I got home and found this novel device.

I'd left Eric a bottle of wine as a thank you for taking care of Freya. He drank some of it, but not all of it. What is a boy to do in a house ill-prepared for a half-drunk bottle of wine? As it turns out, a little bit of plastic wrap, a binder slip and some ingenuity will give you the answer to that question.

P.S. Sorry the picture is so small and blurry. A binder clip on a wine bottle is a very hard thing to take a good picture of.

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Another tribute to the infinitely versatile binder clip!