Friday, November 30, 2007

Whew and Away

Well, this is that. The last post of NaBloPoMo.

I know Andrea had a good experience with it, as did Jo. And I certainly enjoyed that they were both blogging every day.

For myself, though, overall, I'd say I'm fairly neutral. It was interesting to push myself, and occasionally when I didn't think I had stuff going on in my noggin, turned out I did. But I didn't love the pressure to just put something, anything, up. I may post a bit more regularly from now on, but probably not every day.

It's good timing, this end of NaBloPoMo, because at 4 pm I'm off to Montreal to visit Shelley for a couple days and then bring her back to Ottawa where she belongs. Not permanently, sadly for us Ottawegians, but I'll take what I can get. I packed my laptop, because what would I be without my laptop, but in truth, I'm not likely to open it, and less likely to blog.

I am more likely to be eating fancy food, shopping, visiting my sister, getting my queer on at Meow Mix, schlepping, or some combination thereof.

This trip away also marks the first time I've let someone take care of Freya since she became diabetic. I know very many kind, competent people who have offered to be on the cat care team, but I'm a little neurotic about it. It feels like a lot to ask of someone. But this time, ask I did.

Eric is going to feed her and shoot her up, and has been very kind about my needless mother-henning around how to do it: "Hmm, you know, *I* hold the needle like this. And I crouch, on her left side. And then yep, little tent, poke your finger in there, don't poke your finger, ha ha. I find it easier if I hold the needle like this." He has also been very patient with the two or three "Are you sure it's not too much/too early/too late?" emails. He's a good egg, that one.

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zoom said...

Congratulations on successfully completing that NaNoBloPoMoWro thing Megan. I'm very impressed. Enjoy your break. :)

zoom (did you change your comments form? "Other" seems to be missing. As opposed to Google/Blogger or Anonymous.)