Sunday, November 25, 2007


Many many years ago, I was a nicotine addict. Never very heavy. At most, I smoked about 8 cigarettes a day. Not so much, but man, did I ever enjoy them. Until I didn't anymore, and decided one day to quit. One morning I went out for a smoke break, and when I threw the butt on the ground, I couldn't even remember having smoked it. I tossed the rest of the pack in the garbage on the way back to my cubicle.

The first three days without cigarettes were awful. I was irritable and unpleasant and miserable. So miserable, in fact, that all of the times I have wanted to smoke again, and they have been numerous in the past 10 years, I think of sitting at my desk at my old job and how achingly numbingly awful it felt to be in a body desperately wanting its hit. I do not ever want to be in that position again.

I had my last cup of caffeinated coffee at about 13h30 on Friday, November 23rd. Since, I have been irritable and unpleasant and miserable. The headache started Saturday morning and just faded this afternoon.

I didn't drink a lot of coffee, one or two cups a day, but I *loved* those cups.

A few weeks ago, I started seeing a nutritionist. And a chiropractor. This is what I do when I get sad. I find other people to try to fix things. I'm a little wary of this nutritionist, for various reasons. But he's got some good advice. Nothing revolutionary, nothing I didn't know myself: you need to get more sleep, you need to stop drinking coffee.

Well yes. But it seems to make a big difference that I'm paying this man to tell me to switch to decaf and go to bed at 23h15 instead of 23h30 or midnight. I'm doing it.

And what I will tell you is that if you go off caffeine, going to sleep at 23h15 is a challenge, because what you want to do is go to sleep at oh, 21h35.


SLM said...

I kicked the full-octane bean a few months ago because I realized that it had become a morning dependency for wakefulness and good cheer. And only sometime in the past couple of weeks have I stopped looking furtively and covetously at caffeinated coffee as though it were some sort of forbidden treat.

I suggest a post-afternoon green tea to help with the transition, and to address the mid-afternoon lull.

I also suggest ordering decaf americanos whenever you can. Soooo gooood.

coyote said...

And if you haven't already, ya might just want to check Aggie's current battle with the bean for inspiration... maybe you two can start a 12-step group!

shelleyt said...

the worst thing about giving up caffeine is the disdain you may feel coming offa the snotty kids serving coffee...oh and if you date some of said kids, then they'll tease you about it and imply that you're old. just sayin'