Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time Leech Be Gone!

There are several websites that slurp their sticky circular mouths onto the round luscious ass of my productivity and suck all its juice away.

Yesterday, I applied salt in the form of a Firefox addon called LeechBlock.

After you download it, you can tell it at what times and on what days you don't want to see whatever sites you don't want to see. Or, if you'd rather, you can set yourself a time limit, per day or per half day or per hour.

You can also, for the very weak willed among us, disable the ability to disable the block. I signed up.

I am much more productive now, in everything except the emailing department. Oh, and the obsessive checking of my blog stats department too.

In those, I am tanking.


Aggie said...

Wow, this could save my ass. Thank you!

zoom said...

It sounds like a good idea, but only for those with tremendous willpower. I could never muster the strength to disable the ability to disable the block.

suge said...

omigah amazing! now i just to need to get my boss to let me install firefox so i can use this to be more productive, but i don't want to let on how unproductive i am... hmm. i'm in a pickle.

Jo Stockton said...

I need that function for my brain so I can only obsessively think about something for a prescribed amount of time.


Asteroidea Press said...

Aggie: I'm feeling your pain.

Zoom: If you set your disabling password to antidisestablishmentarianism, typing it give you enough time to come to your senses. Though I'm getting faster.

Suge: Perhaps you could play up the security aspect of it?

Jo: Whoever comes up with that will be a gazillionaire and save one million relationships.

SLM said...

Heh. I set my password to thisisabadideapleasereconsider