Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lifehack Tip

It has been a long time since I've had a working dryer in my house. I have not been dryerless, oh no, not at all. For three and a half years now, I have lived in apartments with dryers that didn't work for various reasons.

I started using drying racks when I was a poor student and two dollars to dry my socks seemed like a damn luxury. And drying racks are easier on your clothes, so they'll last longer. And also, better for the environment. And also, during the winter those wet clothes work like a humidifier.

You get used to the schedule too. I never do laundry the day before I go away, because I know that nothing will be dry. You got to keep on top of the underwear levels in the drawer.

That said, I've fucked up the schedule now and again, say, forgetting to do laundry two days before a big date and the Special Pants Removal Panties are in the laundry basket.

This, my friends, is what ovens are for.

You turn your oven (or, if the item is small enough, the toaster oven) on to about 150 or 200 degrees. If the item is a light colour, you pull out a wire cooling rack and put it in between the clean item and the dirty oven rack. Or you clean your oven racks consistently. I leave that up to you.

You take the panties, hopefully not wet, but only damp, put them on the rack, wait a few minutes and presto! dry panties. Or socks. Or yoga clothes.

Only my first tip to you is that you not dry your yoga clothes in the oven. Especially if you've paid a ridiculous and exorbitant amount of money for yoga clothes made of technical wicking-type fabric. Because what might happen is that you might touch those clothes up against the upper element by mistake, and they might get a little melted. Which you won't realize until you take them out 5 minutes before you're supposed to leave for yoga class.

The other thing that might happen is that you might realize that yoga clothes fucking stink an unholy stink that is a combination of sweat and fake fibre. But you might not realize this until your entire apartment is so redolent you have to open a window, even though it is the cold cold fall.

Another tip? Don't mention this lifehack to your co-workers from the suburbs who have never not had a dryer, because they will look at you like you've lost your everloving mind and turned into some kind of disgusting person who would put socks! in the oven! where you also put your food! And you will have to shrug your shoulders and say "The socks were clean." And "Do *you* put bare food on your oven racks?"


Milan said...

Has this approach ever produced a conflagration? I managed to melt an IKEA pot earlier this fall, in which I had been boiling water intended for tea.

Shanker said...

Thanks for the tip. A note: Not about panties but what goes over 'em. I'm feeling silly and here's a new hit song for you:


You got good pants, Megan. And I sure like your skinny tie. Thanks again for the birthday goodness. I'm rockin' it.

Asteroidea Press said...

Nope, never made a conflagration yet. The key, I think, is the fairly low temperature. I wouldn't suggest broiling your clothes. And of course, you don't wanna go out and leave them or anything. But then, if your clothes are in the oven, you're usually waiting for them to dry to go out.

Thanks, Shanker! Glad you're enjoying the CD. That is a very great song, an appropriate ode to good pants everywhere.

A. & J. said...

What a great idea! I've never thought of this before. Thanks :)

Jamine said...

But if you're doing hot yoga, you can just go into the class wearing wet pants anyways. I used to sometimes get in the shower at teh centre before going into the hot room just to get the sweat patterns evened out so I didn't have to watch that all develop in the mirrors. Another tip, I suppose ;)