Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hello Adorable

Last Wednesday, Hallowe'en, I was going to go to yoga. But I got to Grace and Greg's and found two very cute spotted creatures. The only trick or treating we did was across the road to Jo and Adrian's house, where Grey was an elephant, and R and F were thrilled to get their first Hallowe'en candy.

Ladybug Fiona

Penguin Ruby

The girls are nearly 20 months now, and getting lovelier and lovelier. I always get lots of hugs and kisses when I go over, and am occasionally attacked by adorable, when one or both of them runs across the room with arms outspread and grabs me. Or whoever they're attacking. It is a very nice way to be attacked.

What 20 months also means is that it is damned hard to take pictures of them. They're constantly being cute, but constantly moving, and moving fast. And when they're not constantly moving, as soon as you pull the camera out, they want to "PUSH. BUTTON."

So I feel that the pictures above do not do justice to the adorable of the girlies. The picture below captures a sliver of Ruby's cute, but the only one I got that did the same for Fiona was blurry and dark. Maybe next time.

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