Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Third Check-In

I don't know about this every day writing business. In some ways, I see the value. It makes me stretch some. But I think it's lead to some uninspired posts. Yeah yeah, blogs are all about random and often mundane personal details, but how many people really cared that I did three loads of laundry yesterday?*

Fuck me, I mean, I don't care.

And tonight, you know, I don't so much feel like blogging. I've done a bunch of stuff today, and see how I could maybe spin a story about the new yoga classes I've been to. But I've got the fourth season of the Wire, generously burned for me by my lovely paramour, and a new knitting project that I'm finding a pleasurable challenge.

So I don't know. Sure, I'm writing more often, but I don't think you're getting my best.

Eric suggested something a couple weeks ago, an idea he stole from a photographer. For the next three days, I'm going to take a typewriter to bed with me.** The first thing I'm going to do after taking my temperature is write for five minutes.

Then, I'm going to take it to work, scan it, and post it.

I have no idea what might happen with that, but it's got to be more interesting than my laundry.

*Speaking of, I love my new shoelaces. Love. Them.
**That's my own twist. The photographer didn't do that. I don't think. Though I didn't see the exhibit, so maybe he was that smart too.


Andrea SK said...

Don't worry about it... When I read that you had done three loads of laundry, I was impressed. I only got two loads done.

I have laundry envy.

zoom said...

I am on my first load now. You inspired me.

Asteroidea Press said...

very funny! i'm glad that post was useful, if nothing else!