Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day of Accomplishment

- three loads of laundry
- grocery shopping
- humidifier set up
- bought shoelaces*
- raked lawn**
- started one birthday present
- finished another birthday present

next up:
- make veggie pate
- start second phase of the High Middle Secret Project

- nap

*You might be thinking, why would anyone put this on their list of accomplishments? That's not an accomplishment for most people. And you would be right except that you probably don't know the number of times in my life, and for how many months at a stretch, I have walked around in shoes with shoelaces just barely hanging on, knowing that I needed to replace them; or spending 5 minutes tying miniscule bows every time I put my shoes on.

I have actually never liked the shoelaces that I currently have in my boots. They're really skinny and they get knotted up really easily. The right one broke several months ago now and its propensity to knot had increased in inverse proportion with its length. I've been making do. And swearing.

Yesterday the left one broke. Today, in the grocery store, I just grabbed laces that looked like they were thicker and probably the right length. My usual MO is to pick up several different lengths in several different girths and then spend several minutes debating the pros and cons of each until I got irritated with myself and put them all back.

Had I not been in a rush to get back to the laundromat, I quite possibly would have done the same today, and gone for months fighting knots in both laces, gazing at the lace section at the grocery store in fear and frustration every time I passed it.

** I was going to do Jennifer and Danny's lawn too, but I gakked out, and just swept the leaves off of their steps into a big pile on the lawn. Sorry Jennifer and Danny!

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Evey said...

I am impressed by your Saturday work ethic. I fell asleep for three hours in the middle of the day instead of reading The Great Gatsby.