Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sex in Lights

One of the advantages of talking lots about the things that you like is that people send you things they think you will like and because you've been pretty liberal about your opinion of the things that you like and that you do not, these nice people are generally spot on.

Take this, for instance.

Sent me by Kerri, who took it as a souvenir during the trip she and her lovemate took to Madrid. As you can see, she and I have things in common. She also used to have an aquarium. And besides that, she is nice enough that she is going to make me a hard copy of it from the full size and I will hang it on my wall with the photo that Jennifer took of the strip joint that specializes in librarians, and my peep show photo from a few posts back.

I feel like that is a mighty triumvirate.

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