Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Odds

Amy, Eric and I trundled off to Stouffville this past weekend for two days of crazy family visiting. Crazy pace, not crazy family. Really, my family is pretty normal.

Saturday morning we went to visit my brother and his family. Amy and I played Pass the Baby and took turns breathing in Declan's lovely baby smell and rubbing our lips on his soft head while he grinned and cooed. Immy had been asking for me for days, was quite excited that I was coming. In theory. When Dave brought her downstairs from her nap, all we could hear from the top of the stairs down was "Megan? Megan?" However, when I greeted them at the bottom of the stairs and leaned in to give her a kiss, she looked at me blankly. Dave handed her over, I held her for a couple of seconds and then she held out her hands to go back to Daddy. I always suspected that the concept of me was much more exciting than my actual presence.

Saturday afternoon we all went to Gran's and met my Dad there. There was chatting and laughing, etc. etc. And then out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of movement and bare skin. I looked down. Amy was putting her sock back on.

"What are you doing?" I totally interrupted the conversation. Everyone closed their mouths and looked at Amy with raised eyebrows. She turned red.

"I'm turning my sock the other way."

"You're what?"

"Well. I just noticed it was the wrong way and the strings were sticking out and it was bugging me. So I changed it. I didn't figure anyone would be watching my feet, Meg."

"Well I wasn't really watching so much as I was looking in that general direction and noticing that you were doing something."

While we were splitting these particular hairs, everyone looked from Amy's feet to their own.

"Hey," Dad said. "One of my socks is inside out too."

We laughed. Ha ha, incompetent Butchers.

I looked down. "Umm."

"You know," Eric said, "how is it that out of 6 Butcher feet, four of them are wearing inside out socks? You'd have better odds if you'd all put them on in the closet."


zoom said...

I just put them on whichever way they come out of the dryer.


Man, you guys are freaks. Inside out socks? You're messing with the integrity of the institution of sock wearing. Most of us happen to hold the proper wearing of socks as very sacred and now you Butchers come along and demand to be able to wear your socks inside out if you wish. What next? Will we all be wearing our underpants on our heads? I, for one am going to fight this same sox thing with every breath in my body.

shelleyt said...

i wear my socks any which way too, but always thought it was funny when my ex would tell me they were inside out and expect me to change them.