Monday, October 15, 2007

Maybe It's The Weather

The last time I felt blah and gross, I hauled a table home from the garbage and lost myself in it for two and three quarter hours.

That green box is borax. Behind the white bowl is baking soda. In the white bowl is a scrub brush and several old toothbrushes.

I scrubbed that table like a motherfucker. It was filthy. It had previously lived in a room with people who smoked, or so the thin sticky brown layer of nicotine would have me believe. Also coffee drinkers, which is hopefully what the giant brown stain on the top told me. Also in a very humid place, muttered crankily to me by the chrome legs.

You want to take rust off chrome? If it's really bad, take one of those magic erase sponges and have a go at it. Then use tinfoil and vinegar. Sounds wacky, works well.

My current brainless project is moving all my cds from jewel cases into a CD suitcase, an idea I stole from Bill. It's a lot of work though. And not nearly as satisfying as using a toothbrush, grit, elbow grease and nails to clean something dirty.



Man, you're my hero -- channeling blah and gross into something productive and beautiful. I usually just go to bed and whine.

Asteroidea Press said...

It depends. Sometimes bed and whining is exactly what I need, and other times I need to get out of my head. Scrubbing is useful for that.