Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sometimes We Rock and Roll, Sometimes We Stay at Home

Quite some time ago now, a mysterious "gentleman caller" invited me to help him organize his records. That post garnered the most comments of anything I've ever written.

The project was completed also some time ago,with the gentleman caller you now know as Eric, and it was very much fun. It took us a few hours, and we didn't get it quite finished, having taken some time out for pants removal. It was dusty, but fun. The record organizing, of course.

In reality, his record collection doesn't look very much different now than just before we started. They're all on the same shelves and thin and wide and square and standing upright.

But it does look very different from just after we started.

Walking into your new paramour's house can be a very scary proposition. In fact, it can be one of those make-or-break situations. Or when looking back, you might realize it should have been situations in which you made a break for it.

Or, you might walk in and think, "Ah, this is where I misplaced the shag-covered ottomans of my dreams." We have a similar aesthetic, one which includes a love of Fabrics of the 1970s. This photo depicts me cleverly trying to disguise the fact I am marking one of said ottomans while pretending to sort records.

But Eric claimed it once more. I believe he is working on Separating Genres: soundtracks, jazz, hip hop, electronic, and nuclear war 1984. Only two or three records ended up in this last category. The main section was Rock. All were in alphabetical order. If there had been no pants removal, I would have pushed for a chronological sub-order.

I also got dinner, which was a very tasty paella with the jumbo-est shrimps I've ever eaten and nicely spicy sausage. I do love a nicely spicy sausage.

And here's what the records looked like when we finished.

Most importantly, here's the fruit of our labour. Listening party, alphabetical style.


madkevin said...

Iggy Pop's Lust for Life? R.E.M.'s Chronic Town ep? New Order's Substance? The Flying Lizards? Kraftwerk? "Ball of Confusion" 12"?

Sloth heartily approves.

Asteroidea Press said...

I know. I totally scored in the expanding your access to music department.

Also, I do believe that the top record in the third row from the left is The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste.