Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sea Floor

I thought you all might be interested in a little bit of the creative process. For my last reading, I took a few poems that had been sitting around and reworked them.

Sea Floor is one of them.

Here's the first draft. Sorry it's so small. It's bigger if you click on it.

And here is the reworked version, which I think is much more poetical-like.

Sea Floor
- you look good on my back like a shark fin (kat bjelland)

Daybreak: you sidle
up to me, red claws clacking
mysterious code. I slough
my shell, you leave me

Sunset: my breasts pressed flat
against the wall, your weight
my decoration. My warning.

Moonrise: the weak light won’t filter down
to our blue twilight, here where we perch
at the edge
of a deep-sea canyon, scary
monsters waiting to bite.

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