Friday, May 25, 2007

Blogging Tip

Say that you're pretty happy with how your blog looks, except for one minor thing in the sidebar.

Say you go to Library Thing, choose a new widget, copy the new code and go to your Blogger template.

Say you highlight the code you want to replace. On your new laptop, with a touchpad you're not quite used to, so sometimes you jam the cursor and it highlights stuff but you don't realize a whole bunch of non-widget related code is highlighted.

Say, instead of clicking preview, and thus seeing that you're JUST ABOUT TO DELETE EVERYTHING BUT THREE WIDGETS IN THE SIDEBAR, you think, bah, what do I need to preview for? and click save.

And then lose your noodle when you see you've fucked up your entire blog template and have to start from scratch.

You'll notice some changes around here. I'm trying to fix them, so please, bear with me.

While I'm typing about this, I still haven't decided about the WordPress thing. The reason I'm thinking about changing is to make more of a website out of this. I've got a few other blogger pages, but I find it awkward and it would be nice to have something more organic. Seems like wordpress can do this with "pages."

Not that I don't like blogger. I do. Just not when I fuck it up and have to dig through code to try and figure out how to make a margin between the sidebar and the posts.


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Apostrophe said...

When you asked previously, I looked up WordPress and immediately liked what I saw. So much so that I downloaded it and installed it on my site in about a half hour. I have not had time to do the tweaking and fiddling yet -- but I do like how easy it is to install the core files and all of the fun widgets and such.