Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cone of Silence

I am putting the cone of silence down on the dating talk for a little while. I had one date last night, and have one date tonight. They both read this blog.

Also, blogging the Great Dater was a bit of a lesson for me. It's too much pressure, I think, to write about a new relationship. Writing a blog entry requires re-packaging life, figuring out which threads you can pull out and braid into a good story.

That rush at the beginning of a new relationship often has as much to do with seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who doesn't yet know your faults as it is about sharing a connection. That connection, that double bond, has to be there first, and that's a thrill too. But it's also a rush to feel like a clean slate.

Blogging exacerbates that: you're looking for the shiniest pieces; the most solid timber. I think at the beginning of a new relationship, to go searching for those things is maybe not the best thing to do. It's hard enough to keep perspective and your head on right.

And so, the Cone of Silence.

The one thing I will say about my date last night is that I broke one of my own manners rules. We went to the manx for a beer. I should have suggested somewhere else. I haven't been to the manx in a while, so I thought that maybe I wouldn't know tons of people there. That was a silly thing to think. I ended up playing the social butterfly- "Oh, hello. Oh, helllooo. Hey there. Yes, good thanks. And you?"- and feeling like a bit of a show-offy ass. And doing a lot of introducing. He was kind about it.


suge said...

smart move.

But selfishly I like reading about all the dating you're doing. I've been, um, "romantically stunted" for way too long, and your industriousness is very inspiring.

I think it's time for me to buy that wooing book. Can I paypal you some $$?

Asteroidea Press said...

just send me your address and i'll mail you a zine. i'd be happy to send you a giftie in the mail.

once you get started, it's quite easy to be industrious. but i think it's good to lie kind of low.