Sunday, January 14, 2007


It's been quite the few days. Getting some stuff resolved with my ex. Firing emails off to people I used to know. Ditto to new people. The internet is a funny thing.

On Cross Country Check Up today (Which I fucking hate, by the way, fucking just hate. It's like turnip. Every once in a while I think, maybe it's not so bad as I remember. I should try just a little bit again to see if it's maybe not so bad. And then I spit it out after two chews and think, Why was that invented? Who can like it? Put it back in the primordial sludge, already. I can't decide if I hate C-C-C-UP more or the same amount as Vinyl Tap, which makes me want to punch the radio.) someone was yammering on, and what they were yammering about this time was how computers were wrecking the world because no one talked to each other anymore. Bullshit. It's just a different kind of talking.

Not that I'm saying that computers should replace going out, but for those of us who are much more comfortable - and wittier - when typing to people than talking to them, the interweb has been a godsend.

And it means that I can make arrangements with my ex through pleasant emails and not weepy conversations. Weepy on my side, anyway. And can connect with old band members again. It's nice.

What is nice but is not on the internet is the apple pie I baked tonight. There was pastry in my freezer that needed using. Tomorrow, my co-workers will get a nice surprise when I warm it up and we all get a nice afternoon break.

Busy week coming up. Course starting tomorrow, Divergence movie night Tuesday, band practice Wednesday, PPO meeting Thursday. And an article due for the Xpress on Friday.

Good lord, I need to go get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your Internet opinions :)

Anonymous said...

haha... I heard that too, thought it was rediculous... when it comes down to it, the internets is just a tool, like a hammer or an abacus. Hating the internets is like hating a hammer. It's what you do with the tool that matters... huzzah