Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lesson One

Today was Ruby and Fiona's first swimming lesson, and I had the honour to go along to document this momentous occasion. Only it was kind of hard to document, because you're not allowed to take pictures on the pool deck.

I don't know about that rule. But it's hard to argue against, because what if there really was a rash of kiddie porn from public pools? I was all excited to take pictures, and then Greg mentioned that I might not be able to. Because of the perverts. And then suddenly, I felt like a pervert. For wanting to take pictures of my adorable nieces in their bathing suits. I got tough though, and manage to snap off a few shots before we got busted by the pool crew.

[Hint to Ottawa City recreation centres: if you're going to have a no photo rule at baby swim, you need to just ban cameras, period. Not have one person say, -oh, we just want to make sure it's only of your kids, maybe a staff person could take them for you? and another person say, -no photos. You also need to put up big signs on easels placed so people know that's the rule as soon as they came out of the changeroom.]

Kvetching aside, it was so fun. I only cried a little bit and managed to hide it pretty well.

They both had a fun time, and Ruby only cried a little bit too. She liked it, but not so much as her sister. Fiona took to the pool like a duck. She's a master kicker and already has the frog legs down pat. Last week in the bathtub she was kicking very hard and very joyfully. So it must have been so nice for her to be able to let loose like that.

Greg and Fifi

Grace and the Rooster
The Fam


Anonymous said...

yay! yay! yay! for breaking rules!!

everyone looks so happy :)

Asteroidea Press said...

i know!

no wonder i cried, eh?