Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saturday Night

Last night was a very good night. The reading went quite well. Jennifer's new story was great and Jesse D. was highly entertaining. I read a new piece I'd finished just a few hours before. It was a memoir that I'm going to send to a few people for editing and then post here, so you'll all get to see it. It was difficult to write and difficult to read out loud.

There were two highlights to my night last night.

One, the Great Dater came to my reading. It was the first time he'd seen me do my performing thing. When I sat down, he squeezed my leg and said "You were really good. How are you feeling?" When we were saying goodbye later,* he told me he was proud of me for reading the piece. I told him it was good to be able to look out into the audience and see him focussed on me. He is rock steady.

The second highlight was that Jennifer asked me to play bass! With her on guitar and her old bandmate Misse on drums! I am terribly terribly excited by this idea. It's been a long long time since I've done anything musical other than going to a show. Sixteen years since I've played the bass seriously, about 10 since I left the band I used to sing in. She assured me that their expectations are low. I've spent the morning flipping through my iTunes and trying to figure out what kind of bass sound I most want to emulate. Lord knows how I'm going to fit playing music in with the bazillion other things I want to do, but whatever. I'll sleep less.

Wait, I just thought of another good thing. Is it possible that I saw David Scrimshaw doing his fabulous drawings of all the readers last night? While also sporting a fetching royal blue bandaid on his noggin? I certainly hope so, and I certainly hope that if I am right he posts them so that I can feel famous.

Oh, and that rash? More on that tomorrow.

*The one disappointment of the evening? The GD opted out of the loud rock show. I was looking forward to a little post-show action, I must say.

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