Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nice Nice

I fear that my cranky pants have become my most comfortable pair. My last few posts have been more caustic than not, I think.

Seems I'm always living from one to do bullet to the next. Mostly I thrive on that, but right now there are too many bullets and that is picking my ass.

In an effort to combat my pants, I came up with two lists.*

Things That Happened Today That Were Nice

  1. Tweed
    Not the town, the fabric. My tweed hat is back from the 'fax, and my tweed coat is in full effect. I love to wear them both and feel Montreal sexy.

  2. Sabirrh Sandwich
    Bread & Sons makes a delicious sandwich involving roasted eggplant, roasted garlic, green tahini and boiled egg. On spelt bread! With tax it is a mere $3.71. Good lord, that's some kind of deal. I ate it in the sun in front of the bakery, wearing my tweed and people watching. It was the turning point of my day.

  3. Halos
    Went for a run along the river after work today. West along the river at about 4.30 and the sun had a halo. The two visible bits framing the sun got bigger as I ran closer, which I felt to be a sort of sign.

  4. My Dinner
    I had steamed kale and quinoa for dinner. Nice: tasty. Mostly I ate the fuck offa two bowls because the tahini/lemon dressing I made without a recipe was so damn good. Nice: competent freestyling of condiments.

Things That Have Not Happened That Will Be Nice

  1. Movie
    The Great Dater and I are going to a movie tomorrow night. It will be nice to sit in a dark room with him for a few hours. I will try to concentrate on the movie and not think about fucking him.

  2. Reading
    The reading I have listed over there to the right is going to be good. As good as my dressing. Maybe better. You should come.

  3. Music: The Million $ Marxists
    They are playing after our reading. Jennifer and I may have to duke it out to see who wears the skirt with the red crinoline.

  4. Rearrangement
    Sunday afternoon, my fabulous green couches are going to go back to their rightful home: with my ex. So I'll get to rearrange my living room. Also Sunday afternoon, the Grs have kindly accepted my offer to rearrange all their kitchen cupboards. That is a good afternoon.

  5. More Music: Bob Dylan
    Now, those of you who know me quite well have probably stopped short. I am not a big Dylan fan. But the GD is, and he had an extra ticket. So why not? I like the one new song I've heard, and it will be an interesting show, even if only to see what arena shows are like these days, and to see a Cultural Icon in the flesh. If I'm super bored, I'll just think about fucking.

* In chronological order, for those of you who like to keep track of such things.

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Andrea SK said...

LOVE the lists. Brilliant. Glad to hear you got your tweed back.