Friday, October 27, 2006

I Meant to Get Home

So yes, I was supposed to be home early, like in good time to get my dishes done and my bag packed so that I don't have to rush around like a maniac tomorrow morning to leave my house, and leave it nice.

Because I'm going to Toronto.

If you're in Toronto, and you would like to see me and/or Jennifer, then you should come to Canzine at the Gladstone Hotel (Queen and Dufferin) between 1 and 7 pm and one of us will be at our table. Selling, among other things, our new zine about manners, for which we came up with a good title that I cannot remember.

Possibly because of the two pints of Guinness I had with dinner.

I had a half pint of Guinness before yoga at the Aloha this afternoon, in the company of a guy whose laptop is fucked up because his tiny roommate stepped on the screen when he was trashed.

I mentioned going to Canzine and a friend of my said, "Jesus, it sounds like some kind of toxic chemical. What if your name were Ben and you had a zine? Would anyone buy it?"

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Andrea SK said...

Have a great time!