Thursday, August 03, 2006

Polyamory Girl

Huh. I've been highlighted (along with Francis Heaney, who I just discovered writes good blog) in a very funny post on the Elgin Street Irregulars about polyamory.

The book mentioned as a link, though terribly written, is a great practical guide. My favourite line, from the MISTAKES section:

You are not choosing lovers because they are perfect. You certainly are not.

But there's some pretty damn good advice in there. Realistic advice, like rules aren't that useful, so how about a "flexible arrangement" or "norms" instead. I like that flexible arrangement idea.

If I end up using myself as a guinea pig, I'll keep you posted.

Okay, this is the end of my bat news. Sorry to have become so obsessed there for a few days. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency took away the bat that Freya killed and tested it for rabies. I got two calls about it. The CFIA called me at work to say, No worries, no rabies. Great I thought, fuck those bats, I'm letting her loose on them.

When I got home that night there was also a message from the city, and oh boy, do I wish I had the technology to record that and post it here. Here's a transcript.

Hi   uh   good afternoon   this is Ottawa Public Health calling      to advise Megan Butcher that the bat that was picked up   was tested and the bat did not have rabies the bat. DID NOT. have rabies. If you'd like more information  give me a call please at

Other than that, I'm wasting time here because I've started a companion piece to the She's So Heavy series, and it's hard and now I'm sad. I have heavy boots, as Jonathan Safran Foer would write.

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