Friday, August 04, 2006

Never Kid a Kidder

For all the nice people who have asked when my next reading is: I’ll be doing one of the "sexy performances" at Full Frontal. What makes this performance particularly sexy, you ask?

It will involve me removing strategic bits of clothing.

So, if you want to listen to my filth and see me in my skivvies – simultaneously! – you should be at Club SAW before 11 pm on August 25th.

It is highly unlikely I will ever take my clothes off in front of a crowd again. Unless this unleashes the hidden exhibitionist in me.

Ah hell. I get up in front of crowds and talk about my sex life – real or imaginary – on a semi-regular basis. I write a blog. Who am I kidding? What’s a little skin compared to declaiming detailed accounts of your fantasy life to strangers?

A lot of the positive reaction I get to my writing, however, seems to stem from the fact that I look like a "normal" person. Big rosy cheeks, small hazel eyes, like some kind of Welsh farm-maid or somebody’s sweetest granddaughter. Or a librarian. I think my look gives the words an extra punch and quiet dissonance they wouldn’t otherwise own.

Be interesting to see if/how taking my clothes off changes that dynamic. Not that I look any tougher in my underwear.

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